Couples Counseling:

I focus my practice primarily on couples.  Reasons couples seek my services vary, although some common topics include arguments over finances and how funds should be allocated, sexual incompatibilities, the decision of whether or not to have children, the stress of being unable to conceive, feeling good about the division of labor, differences in parenting styles, and defining relationships with extended family and friends.  Some people seek counseling for specific issues or general dissatisfaction, while others seek therapy as a proactive measure to protect the quality of their relationship.

Premarital Counseling:

Premarital counseling is extremely beneficial and important for a couple to start their marriage with a strong foundation.  The excitement and stress of planning a wedding can overshadow the need to discuss potential differences that could arise in the marriage.   By doing some premarital counseling sessions, couples can put their future marriage first and potentially avoid misunderstanding and arguments in the future.  Why not take the extra step in preparing for one of life’s most important decisions?

Affair Recovery:

The discovery or admission of infidelity in a relationship can have devastating effects on marriage.   The pain associated with an affair is intense and at times unbearable, often leaving the couple in a total tailspin.  By creating a safe environment and taking a compassionate approach, I assist couples in exploring why the affair occurred, how it has affected both people in the marriage, and what needs to happen for healing to occur.  It is possible to recover from an affair and actually achieve an even greater level of intimacy than before. There is hope.