Westlake Couples Counseling

Veronica Leal, LPC

Enrich, revive and restore your relationship

Are you looking to enrich a loving and healthy relationship, revive the passion and attraction you felt early in your marriage, and/or restore the fulfilling friendship you once shared?

Unanticipated life events, transitions from one stage of life to another, and everyday stressors can all impact and strain a relationship or marriage, leaving each partner feeling  frustrated, disillusioned and, at times, hopeless.  It is possible to work through these impasses, become “unstuck” and create a sense of peace and happiness within your relationship.

As a Licensed Professional Counselor with Westlake Couples Counseling, I am committed to guiding and supporting couples through the process of reclaiming their relationship. My approach is warm, empathic and down to earth, and I provide a neutral environment, from which couples can explore their differences and tease out problems unique to their partnership. Through a collaborative process, I am able to help couples eliminate negativity from daily interactions, acquire new skills to foster positive communication, and begin to choose words and behaviors that build love, trust and connection.